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Social Program

Danmar has created this program as an organized activity in order to improve the condition of disadvantaged people in society. 

Scholarship Daniela Urbaez-Olivares 

Daniela Urbaez-Olivares promoted the creation of scholarships at DANMAR for talented students who have the passion and willingness to learn. Making use of donations from the community after Daniela’s death, DANMAR initiated the scholarship program for dance and music students back in 2007. More than $20,000 has been given out since then. 



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Community Outreach

     During the last 20 years many people all ages, backgrounds and conditions, have participated in DANMAR Outreach programs considering that approximately 80% of the attendance was served free or discounted charge.

Katy Alzheimer's Care

Happy Halloween Parties

Hispanic Month
Hispanic Month
Hispanic Month
Hispanic Month
Hispanic Month
Hispanic Month
Hispanic Month
Hispanic Month

City of Houston Hispanic Month

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Houston Spanish Fest

DANMAR Academy of Performing Ars

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