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DANMAR Dance Studio

DANMAR was created back in 1999 by two talented young sisters, DANiela Urbaez Olivares and MARia Fernanda Urbaez Tapia, who had a tremendous passion for dance and music. Daniela Urbaez Olivares together with her husband Pedro Cesar Olivares passed on in January 1st 2007. Both live on in our hearts and memories and inspire the work of DANMAR to this day.


DANMAR Dance Studio was the physical place where the dance and music classes were taught. For the past 20 years it has been the ideal place to foster new friendships among students and among the student's parents as well. It has been a training center, not only in dance and music, but in values, where respect, discipline and teamwork are the fundamental mast of our mission.

In the midst of the 2020 pandemic, the safety and well-being of our students, teachers, parents and staff is the most important thing to us. That situation impacted all of us in a significant way, and we took this opportunity to reinvent ourselves by exploring various new ideas & concepts to continue delivering the optimum dance experience!

We are now in a new chapter in the dance world. The physical studio located in Katy was permanently closed on June 30th, 2020. However. back in October 2020, Danmar continued offering dance classes in a virtual way. Additionally, Flamenco classes in-person were offered as well. Please visit for more information.


Currently we are working to define the best ways to integrate our recreational, competition, professional, and educational programs; and, we plan to carry out the acclaimed shows we are known for!

DANMAR Art & Dance, DANMAR Dance Fit, and DANMAR Academy of Performing Arts are committed to uphold the legacy and reputation that has been created in the last 20 years, so come and join us in Danmar's new endeavor!

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