Rules and Regulations



  • DANMAR maintains a policy of non-discrimination with regard to race, color, sex, creed, religion, national origin, sexual preferences, political preferences and non-job related disability.

  • DANMAR is committed to a safe and civil educational environment for all students, employees, parents/legal guardians, volunteers and community members that is free from harassment, intimidation or bullying.

  • DANMAR is also committed to teaching core character values: self-discipline, self-esteem, respect, integrity, commitment, honesty, timeliness, strong work ethic, patience, team work and love. RESPECT - DISCIPLINE - TEAM WORK

  • DANMAR will use its best efforts to assist, serve as a facilitator, guide and support the student in obtaining his or her maximum knowledge in the dance or music through quality instructional practices.

  • Student is committed to practice what have learned in class and follow the quality instructional guides before every class.

  • DANMAR is committed to providing and maintaining adequate facilities, professional staff and a varied and regular class schedule. DANMAR does not have a waiting area but a Drop-off/Pick-up area and 4 lovely spacious dance rooms.

  • Registration is based on first come first served. DANMAR offers Registration On-line.

  • Classes are closed when capacity is reached.

  • Registration fee: $20 per person. Family members 10% off. Valid until June 2020 if continuous classes are taken.

  • A continuous absence of one month or more will result in a new Registration Fee payment.

  • DANMAR reserves the right to cancel classes with an enrollment of less than 5 students.




  • Tuition is due the first day of the month.

  • Monthly fees are based on four (4) weeks. Monthly fees are the same weather there are four weeks or five weeks in a month.

  • All months are priced the same regardless of attendance and/or holidays. Tuition for the entire dance season (August 1st - June 15th) has been added together and divided evenly throughout the dance year.

  • DANMAR offers different options of payment. Ask for your copy at the front desk.

  • Try-out dance group classes are offered for people over 12 years of age. Only one try-out per discipline is accepted.

  • DANMAR will close activities at least 1 month in summer, 2 weeks in Christmas and some holidays. Ask for your calendar at the front desk.

  • MasterCard and Visa Cards are accepted. An automatic direct monthly charge can be established.

  • Fees paid by Credit/Debit Card are subject to the statutorily authorized convenience fee of 2.5% of total fees.

  • Make-up classes are offered as a courtesy to students who miss a class due to illness or other circumstances.

  • Missed classes must be made-up only within payment period, and in their appropriate level.

  • A $10.00 late fee will be charged for payments received after the 5th day of the due date, and $15.00 late fee after the 15th day of the due date. Holidays or a student absence from class does not waive the late fee.

  • Returned check fee is $25.00.

  • Parents of students and students wishing to drop a class must give written notice to the registrar at the front desk, one month in advance. Failure to do so will make you responsible for tuition for that month.

  • Students with overdue accounts will not be admitted to class.

  • You may set up direct payments at the front desk. Cancellations must be given by email one month in advance. Failure to do so will make you responsible for tuition for that month.




  • Registration, Tuition, Recital & Costume Fee are non-refundable.

  • Missed classes could be made-up during payment period but payments are non-refundable.



  • Parents must inform DANMAR director/instructor of any medical conditions their child may have. This information will be confidential.

  • Dancers must use the restroom before class. Short break during class could be given at instructor's discretion.

  • DANMAR is not responsible for loss of or damage to personal property.

  • DANMAR reserves the right to bar any student from entering class or to remove any student from class due to disorderly conduct and/or disruptive behavior or for any other reason determined by management and/or Instructor as unsuitable behavior.

  • DANMAR directors, instructors, staff, volunteers and otherwise are not liable for any injuries sustained while in class, or on the premises. Please notify instructor(s) whether you may have any concerns about physical problems or injuries.

  • In some cases it is required that the instructor comes in physical contact with the student in order to comply with dance technique

  • Students under 18 must wait inside the building to be picked up.

  • No student under 18 is permitted to leave the building without an adult.

  • DANMAR is not responsible if a student under 18 leaves DANMAR premises by him/herself.

  • Please try to keep the lobby area as quiet and clean as possible.

  • Running is not permitted in the lobby and aisles at any time.

  • Should parents decide to wait in the lobby while their student is attending class please be respectful of the space ans as quiet as possible.

  • Parent will not be allowed inside the dance rooms. It is distracting to our students.

  • Student's cell phone should be turned off or silent during class and in the student's bag.




  • To be admitted to class, all students must wear Danmar required attire. DANMAR required attire form is available at the front desk.

  • Dance clothes and dance shoes may not be used outside the building.

  • DANMAR T-shirts or other baggy street clothes are permitted over dance wear in class.

  • Hair must be pulled back away from face and secure neatly; long hair should be put into a bun or ponytail depending on the class requirements. Students with short hair should use a headband. Students may be asked to sit out of class if their hair is not pulled back. 




  • Food, drinks and chewing gum are not permitted in the dance/music rooms.

  • Dispose of trash in proper receptacle.

  • No loud unruly noise inside the class room or in the studio hallways.

  • Talking during class is not appreciated unless a question concerning dance or music is being asked.

  • Parents must ensure that students are attended to and under control before and after class session.

  • Parents should come to pick up students on time. DANMAR will close 10 minutes after the last class is finished. $5 should be charged for each 5 minutes late after 9:25pm.

  • If there is an issue the parent would like to discuss, please do not have a discussion in front of the other parents or visitors. DANMAR personnel will be happy to discuss any concerns you have in private.




  • All students are expected to attend every class scheduled for their class level.

  • Excessive absences may delay the promotion of a student.

  • Each student is also required to arrive on time to their class. No one may enter class 10 minutes after a class has started.




  • Classes are occasionally canceled because of extreme weather conditions for the protection and safety of the students, their families and the instructors. Watch the news.




  • Students are not expected to observe classes unless sick and with instructor’s authorization.

  • Parents are invited to observe classes only during the open week celebration. Please be aware of the date.

  • No recording of classes allowed.




  • DANMAR presents 2 Recitals per year, one in June and one in December. Show date, place and other important information will be released as soon as it becomes available. Recitals are not mandatory.

  • Each student has to pay a non-refundable recital fee and costume fee.

  • DANMAR, as a courtesy, will give each student four (4) Free tickets.

  • Students who register for classes after February 15th, cannot participate in the June recital.

  • Students who register for classes after October 1st, cannot participate in the December recital.

  • Parents, friends or family members are not allowed inside the Studio during rehearsals.

  • Recital commitment letter is part of this Rules and Regulations.

  • DANMAR also offers many performance activities throughout the year.




  • Available. To schedule a private or semi private class, please do so at the front desk of the Studio.




  • The studio’s rooms can be rented. Please check rates and availability at the front desk or on-line.



  • Students and/or parents are expected to be informed of any studio changes or news.

  • Please check studio boards regularly and visit our web site:

  • Like us on Facebook and follow us on @danmarstudio, @mariafernandaurbaez

  • Email:

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