DANMAR promotes the understanding of different world cultures through music and dance and the variety of every performance reflects its deep appreciation of what the world of art offers to all of us. DANMAR has successfully produced many major events and has been invited to perform on numerous occasions of any size - nationwide and internationally.


At the end of each school year, DANMAR celebrates the creative achievements of its students producing a major Recital and honoring a different country every year. Mexico, Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago, United States of America, Colombia, Brazil, Puerto Rico, France, Hawaii, Jamaica, India, Africa have been showcased in their productions. The hard work of the students, the dedication of the staff as well as the help of all volunteers and parents, deserves to be honored.


Maria Fernanda Urbaez and DANMAR’s instructors and staff are very proud of the accomplishments of the students and are very grateful for all the support and participation in the preparation of each Recital, an entrée of different world dances, plays and music.




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