Cultural Program

Created to promote mutual understanding and respect for other cultures and traditions as well as providing high quality entertainment. We have divided our Cultural Program in 3 categories: Productions, Cultural Encounters and Cultural Expressions.  


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Enjoy the process of intimacy and let the “duende” captivates you…


Intimacy is a flowing process that takes place over time and is presented in various forms. One form of intimacy is knowledgeable intimacy where two people exchange thoughts, share ideas and enjoy similarities and differences between their opinions – the artists and their culture.


A second form of intimacy is experiential intimacy where a group of people get together to actively involve themselves with each other, probably saying very little to each other,  not  sharing  any  thoughts,   but   being   involved in mutual activities with one another – the audience and their culture.


A third form of intimacy is emotional intimacy where artists and audience can comfortably share their feelings with each other or when they empathize with the feelings of the other person, really try to understand and try to be aware of the other person’s emotional side – FLAMENCO Intimacy.

Although UNESCO has declared Flamenco an intangible heritage including it in the Urgent Safeguarding List, still we have to keep working hard to spread it.



Carmen, a Merimee story, Bizet music

Maria Fernanda Urbaez choreography……


CARMEN is a love, tragedy and freedom story, a history of social rejection against independent women.  A courageous gypsy woman who preferred to die rather than lose the freedom of determining her own life.



Carmen is the product of diverse cultures and social classes with shared roots and a common tongue. One of the most evident qualities of CARMEN music and dance is its diversity and unique blending of styles. Flamenco live music magically combined with original music by Bizet takes us to a cultural journey to the Andalusia region of the nineteenth century.

This production showcases original choreography by DANMAR's award-winning Artistic Director, Maria Fernanda Urbaez, as well as the grace and artistry of DANMAR's professional dance company and special Houston based artists and companies.


Nostalgia Venezolana

A unique journey through Venezuela’s history, music, dance and traditions.


DANMAR production aimed at presenting Venezuela’s culture through its dances and music, and considering its origins, influences and traditions. The goal of this production is to preserve and promote the Venezuelan cultural heritage to people who are anxious to keep their cultural traditions and ethnic origin while living abroad. This goal is extended to the rest of the community in order for them to enjoy the cultural richness and diversity of the Venezuelan music and dance.


From the Discovery of the Land of Grace, the Indigenous and African contribution to our most intimate folk customs.... Nostalgia Venezolana is a fantastic colorful production full of love and nostalgic feelings and memories.


The music and poetry of the history was composed by Chelique Sarabia: Venezuela, una canción. Choreography by Maria Fernanda Urbaez and Rocio Braggiato.




America Latina, a mosaic of cultural expressions

Latin American culture is the product of many diverse influences. One of the main characteristics of Latin American music and dance is its diversity and its original blending of the variety of styles that arrived in America and became influential.


In this opportunity, DANMAR is presenting “AMERICA Latina”, a mosaic of cultural expressions. Four cultures, one outcome: AMERICA Latina


The music is based on traditional and folkloric Latin American songs all of them arranged by Peyber Medina and Grammy Award Winner Gustavo Caruci exclusively for AMERICA Latina.


Choreography by Maria Fernanda Urbaez and Rocio Braggiato.




Danza Sinfónica Hispanoamericana

In order to promote the music created by many Hispanic composers as Manuel de Falla, Antonio Estevez, Alberto Ginastera, Camargo Guarnieri, Garcia Caturla, Jose Pablo Moncayo, Aldemaro Romero, Silvestre Revueltas to name a few, DANMAR Academy of Performing Arts, along with the Award Winner soloist dancer and choreographer Maria Fernanda Urbaez and the Venezuelan conductor and violinist Grammy Award Winner Eddy Marcano, produced “Danza Sinfónica Hispanoamericana” which has been presented four times in Venezuela. The concerts were accompanied by the “Orquesta Sinfónica Nueva Esparta” on February 2008, “Orquesta Filarmónica Juvenil de Chacao” on July 2008, “Orquesta Simón Bolivar del Táchira” on March 2009 and “Orquesta Sinfónica de Yaracuy” on December 2009. 


The program includes among others:

  • Alberto Ginastera (Argentina).

     Opertura para el Fausto Criollo. Danzas del Ballet La Estancia

  •       Los Trabajadores Agricolas

  •       Danza del Trigo

  •       Peones de Hacienda

  •       Malambo

  • Mozart Camargo Guarnieri (Brazil)

    • Danza Brasileira

  • Oscar Lorenzo Fernandez (Brazil)

    • Batuque

  • Alejandro Gracia Caturla (Cuba)

    • Danza del Tambor

  • Felipe Revueltas (Mexico)

    • Sensemaya

  • Jose Pablo Moncayo (Mexico)

    • Huapango

  • Antonio Estevez (Venezuela)

    • Mediodia en el Llano

  • Aldemaro Romero (Venezuela)

    • Fuga con Pajarillo

  • Arturo Marquez (Mexico)

    • Danzon no. 2

  • Manuel de Falla (Spain)

    • Danza Ritual del Fuego

    • Danza Española No. 2 La vida breve.

    • Sombrero de 3 Picos

    • The Neighbors dance. Seguidilla

  • Flamenco (Spain)

    • Alegrias para Daniela


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