There are so many talented dancers in DANMAR that we are looking forward to working with them all and seeing them grow as dancers and as people.  Team unity, time management skills, proper dance technique, choreography skills, and leadership skills are among our goals. Commitment is also extremely important. They will dance at selected regional competition (maybe nationals) and various scheduled performances in the community.


The competition groups are an amazing performance opportunity for dancers. They compete against thousands of dancers over the course of the year, and perform in front of judges who have very prestigious names within the dance industry. These competitions also give the dancers a great sense of accomplishment and also motivate dancers through the judges’ constructive criticism. Competitive dancers learn very quickly what it takes to be successful as a professional.


Congratulations Danmar Dance Team 2014!!

Congratulations Danmar Dance Team 2016!!

Congratulations Danmar Dance Team 2018!!

Danmar Dance Team Auditions

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